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Avenue by WS

India's first new gen private members club for social life and  lifestyle.

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We are part of

  • What is the app about. Is it the part of avenue
    The app is for anyone to be social with people sharing lifestyle, random thoughts or interests and plans using one thing. It is available for anyone to use. No, it is for anyone to use it anytime they feel.
  • We want to collaborate or feature you.
    Please reach out to us - Collaborations are open to D2C Brands and Cafe owners of Delhi NCR and Gurgaon.
  • How is it useful for me
    Hate it when your friends don't share your vibe for the weekend and you need to escape the same crowd? Weekend Story is your escape from a routine to be able to explore more when you like. Whether you're planning on clubbing, cafe hopping or fests, we've got you covered because finding like-minded people who share your plans is now easier than ever. Live the social life you seek this weekend with our world of endless possibilities. Take control of your social life, create a better weekend.
  • What is Avenue by Weekend story.
    Avenue is India's first new gen invite only private club for social life and lifestyle. Invited members see a plan by Weekend Story and can come. No followers, no matches, waiting for replies. Enjoy with top crowd at top places without having to wait over weekends. Avenue Plans : Cafe hopping, Movies, Travel trips, Shopping, Clubbing, Concerts, Sports, Gym and Career and Networking
  • What's your purpose behind building Weekend Story.
    In 30 days, I could see a change. Here's how you can too. Our purpose. Click here to know
  • Who are the members. How can I become one.
    Check "Launch" highlight on our Instagram. DM "Avenue" to our page. SZN closed for guys till december, unless existing member vouch for you. You need referrals.
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