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Now listen to the stories UNCUT. TBS Audible features uncut interviews so that you can learn and immerse in the storytelling experience. This is in an interview format rather than the movie file we produced for spring.


The download link for the product will be sent to you after the payment is received on the email ID you would mention during the checkout process. The link will be only active for 30 days, request to download it by then.


  1. Please be careful to mention the right email ID. Do check your spam email too
  2. You can download the magazine directly from the link. For easy accessibility and compatibility, the document is a PDF
  3. If by any chance, you don't receive the email. Don't panic. Send us an email with your order screenshot and we will send the magazine link for you to download within 24-48 hours.
  4. Don't have an email? You can buy the Tbs magazine directly from our Instagram account

Instagram username: @tbs.Magazine

TBS Audible

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