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We at TBS invite and recognize up to 15 millionaires, VC-backed businesses, category disrupters and global creators for our editions. We are the first to create front-style cover copies for each featured member, as we wanted to make them feel special for their achievements and what they have built.

How we help founders at any stage.


We are first press support to founder's at any stage .

How can I be featured ?

Tell us about what you make over If you qualify, we will revert within 7 days.

Invites of 2022

Thanks for the masterclass and giving your time to help people learn about office politics.

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Real Testimonies only 


TBS Spring Edition  
I am Entrepreneur

Ahana Banerjee

Co-Founder, Clear (YC S'21)

Arjun Vaidya

Founder- Dr. Vaidya's (Acquired), Venture Lead- Verlinvest

George Rawling's

Co Founder and CEO- Thursday Dating

Isha Punja

Founder, CEO and Creative Director- Hut Mentality

Jerry lee (Left) and Jonathan Javier (Right)

Co Founders- Wonsulting, Forbes Featured

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I am Entrepreneur - Year-End Edition

Miri Rodriguez

Owner- Be Mindful, Be Happy. Storyteller- Microsoft, Best Selling Author- Brand Storytelling

Corina Burton

Founder- CPR Constructions Cleaning

Sneha Namanandi

Actor and Founder- Pet Station

Sheeraz Gulsher

Co- Founder People Like Us, Snap Inc. Communication Manager

Natasha Bowman JD

Founder- Performance Renew, Forbes Contributor

Steven Arthur George

Founder- Kaya Advisors, Cannabis Consulting firm

Samuel Koch

MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School, Co- Founder-

Where we feature bigger stories  
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I am Entrepreneur - Pilot Edition

Niven Postma

HBR Contributor and Author on Office Politics | Global Strategy and Culture Consultant | Expert Facilitator and Lecturer on Women's Leadership Programme

Sadaa Sayed

Indian Actress and Founder of Earthling's Vegan Cafe, India

Tima Elhajj

Founder and CEO of Tima Media & Consulting, Australia

Jingjin Liu

CEO & Founder @ ZaZaZu, The First sexual wellness hub in ASEAN that synchronizes education, products and an intimate female community to empower women to own our sexual well-being, Singapore

Abhay Rangan

Founder- GoodMylk, Two times Forbes 30 Under 30 Featured, 2019 and 2020, India

Stephanie Nuesi

Founder and CEO- Max UP, USA

Carlos Sentís

Founder and CEO- World Innovation Alliance, Spain

Ivy wong

Co founder Diversity and Inclusion consulting China

A creator's edition.


Magazine Cover

Denis Coleman

Musician, Singer/ Songwriter and Producer

Keith Laue

Content Creator and a Dad

Sepanta Arya

Snapchat Influencer, Model and Actor


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